Rebar being Fabricated


WSR is committed to safety first.

Our experienced shop team fabricates rebar according to even the most detailed and exacting specifications. Utilizing state-of-the-art rebar fabricating equipment results in increased productivity and accuracy. Our fabrication turnaround time is among the fastest in the industry. Our shop team uses technology for accurate bundling and loading for a seamless and organized jobsite delivery.

We can also provide custom, preassembled rebar structures like cages, columns, spot footings, grade beams, and more.

We inventory large quantities of the highest quality reinforcing steel in various sizes, grades, and coatings ranging from #3 to #18 rebar in multiple grades including A615/60, A706/60, and dual grade.

Our stock includes coiled/spooled rebar and standard 20’, 30’, and 60’ lengths, and will cut to length per your specifications.