Rebar Installation


Rebar Installation

Rebar placing is a vital step in any construction project and greatly affects the success of the project.

When at a job site installing rebar, we have two priorities:  work safely and stay on schedule!

Pre-tying of rebar is more efficient. WSR can offer pre-tying of certain elements of your project. It is a more efficient, economical approach to reinforcing your projects.

WSR employs the latest methods that will keep your projects on schedule. We can pre-tie rebar cages and other elements of your project which will save you time and accelerate your schedules.

At WSR, our focus is making sure our rebar services create value for our customers. Once pre-tied configurations arrive on site, our team has detailed placement drawings in hand and are ready to get to work.

Why choose pre-tied rebar?

  1. It accelerates pour schedules for your project, reduces lead time needed, and cuts down on construction time since there’s no assembly or tying on site.
  2. It’s a more efficient use of available space on your construction site: the rebar is delivered fully assembled and ready to place, reducing congestion and the need for additional assembly space.
  3. It’s a more economical approach because on-site assembly and tying incurs more labor costs and adds time to the project schedule.